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Osteopathic Training in Australia

In order to qualify to practise in Australia, osteopaths are required to undergo a rigorous and thorough training and qualification process.

Osteopaths are Primary Healthcare Professionals

As primary healthcare professionals, Australian osteopaths are able to diagnose and treat patients without their having been referred by their GP.

This also means that many Australian health insurance policies have 'extras' options that cover the cost of treatment by a registered osteopath.

Training and Education for Osteopaths

Australian osteopaths undertake training and education for a minimum of five years. This will usually include a Bachelor's  followed by a Master's degree. Many osteopaths will then complete a Doctorate in Osteopathy as well.

Training for osteopaths involves study in a wide variety of disciplines, such as:

  • medical diagnosis
  • anatomy and physiology
  • osteopathic techniques

Osteopaths in Australia also train so as to be able to undertake medical examinations of the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

A further central component to all osteopathic training is supervised treatment of patients.

Osteopaths Have Wide-Ranging Experience

The scope of an osteopath's training means that they are able to treat both highly specific injuries and conditions, while at the same time addressing a patient's sense of balance and alignment, as this is often the most effective way of treating common complaints such as fatigue, stress and headaches.

Registration of Osteopaths in Australia

The Osteopathy Board of Australia, in association with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, is responsible for the registering and licensing of osteopaths. As part of their continuing registration, it is also mandatory for all osteopaths practising in Australia to undertake continuing professional development on an annual basis.

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